Antipornographic Movement – What is It?

In each cultural period, pornography began with texts and pictures out of lust, and each time gradually rose to the level of erotic art. Do you want any examples? Some of them are here:

  • Remember the tales of “A Thousand and One Nights” and famous Persian miniatures;
  • Antiquity preserved for us under volcanic ash the Pompeian frescoes depicting orgies;
  • Middle Ages gave a hundred stories of the Decameron. At the elegant obscenities of the artist Beardsley was created;
  • In the 20th century, Joyce’s Ulysses and Lolita’s Nabokov’s were written.

Incidentally, all these works at one time were tried to ban. In general, the history of pornography comes down to the struggle for classification, for definition, in order not to let pornography into society, but also not to throw out erotic art with water.

So what are modern US anti-pornographic laws? What is the general situation in this field?

  • First of all, in the States, there is a public organization “For morality in the press” which is a pure embodiment of antipornographic movement.
  • According to our data, in the US, a stable consumer market for porn-content is 10 million people as regular customers. However, for the Internet, pornography boundaries seem to not exist.
  • American society accepts the existence of pornography, but certain people do everything possible to prevent it from spreading.
  • The country has not adopted laws persecuting those who disseminate obscene information from abroad. Law enforcement agencies can arrest them only if these people arrive in the United States. Therefore, activists claim about a need to adopt a single law for all countries, pursuing pornography traffickers.
  • What specific laws exist in the United States? There is an acting law on radio and television prohibiting erotic and low-quality programs in terms of sex themes from 6 am to 10 pm. Violators are subject to very heavy fines. The movement supporters hope that the ban will soon be extended to 12 at night.
  • Another strict law prohibits commercial and advertising distribution of porn materials by mail, the transportation of these materials from state to state, the import of such materials and their export. Under this law, a very famous person, Ruben Sterman, the owner of the porn-empire, was arrested and sentenced to prison. The headquarters of his holding company was located in Cleveland. There were warehouses where hot materials and sex-related items were kept behind iron bulletproof gates. A team of first-class lawyers worked for Mr. Sterman and he won several lawsuits, but he kept his major money in Swiss banks without paying taxes. And for this, he received a term of four years in prison.

You may agree that in all democratic countries there are people who support something and claim against it. This is their integral right and so far their methods have been legal, there is nothing bad in their activity.