Why Do Men Watch Porn?

It’s not a fact at all that adult films are most often watched by lonely people and only men. People who have a regular partner also watch this movie.

Make Love, Not War

But anyway, what about the male audience? Why? Some experts claim because this is the easiest way to:

  • relax and dream up about sex;
  • release the accumulated both physical and emotional fatigue;
  • improve your sexual life.

Probably you will be surprised in some scientific findings but it turns out that unlike the Arab countries, where the percentage of men suffering from prostate cancer is the lowest, the Western world is vice versa. According to the results of an American study that lasted for more than 30 years, every third man in the United States and Europe complains of problems with potency, and prostate cancer is found in many. In some countries, this diagnosis ranks fourth in the top five leaders of cancer among men over 50 years old.

One of the main reasons for the high level of poor male health among Westerns is very outspoken image and garments of women, some physiologists are convinced. Some ladies that look hot in their clothes do not even suspect what harm is caused to the well-being of the strong half of humanity. After all, a feeling of sexual dissatisfaction is the main culprit in male impotence.

A Poisoning Catwalk

Females in developed countries go virtually half-naked on the streets, and the eastern beauties continue to wrap themselves up in a long robe and cover the face with a veil, explain academicians A man cannot satisfy all the desires he has on the street! And modern hot beauties with explicit boobs and buttons automatically provoke lust in men. So much lust, and so little satisfaction. The inability to reach culmination results in the fact that nature launches a defense mechanism – inflammation of the prostate gland, impotence occurs.

On the contrary, some female partners must watch porn as a remedy. Some women confess that when they replicate everything they have watched in porn movies, it happens to be the best lovemaking in the life of their couple.

So, dear females: give him an opportunity to watch these videos or do this together. Take care on physical strength and health of your beloved partner.  In relations between two individuals, it is very important how you treat each other: love, care, respect, sexual relations. Just be happy!