VR porn: What You Need to Buy for Full Viewing

Are you a geek or conservator? Are you ready to use products of cutting-edge technologies? Virtual reality in the porn industry on https://xxxreal.com  is gradually becoming the standard. People start getting used to it. VR porn may become the top format for sexual content. Headsets and accessories that will sync with them are also highly popular. And sex chats expect special VR webcams. According to some engineers, in the future, users of such services will be able to set options for the appearance of their partners, which will allow them to realize their wildest fantasies.

Now it is not necessary to go to the cinema, 3D films are available at any place on an affordable cost and without a connection to a stationary computer. So how to watch such films and what do you need for this? The set of items is quite simple:

  • Virtual reality glasses;
  • Android / iOS phone with a screen size of 4.7 to 6 inches;
  • The special soft for movies in a 3D format for VR glasses;
  • 3D slots.

Let’s examine what’s going on in details.

360-Degree and VR Video

Here are some tips for cool viewing:

  • From a smartphone screen via Cardboard or another special headset, you can watch a 360-degree video (it is also panoramic). However, one must also understand that this type of slot is not the same as a real VR video. In the latter in contrast to panoramic one, a visual illusion of the depth of the picture is the most thrilling thing.
  • Needless to say, in both VR and 360-degree video, the higher the resolution and frame rate, the better the picture, and the higher its detail. With a low frame rate, unpleasant blurring and artifacts can occur, and, what is even more unpleasant, real nausea. Therefore, if the characteristics of your smartphone and the connection speed allow, always choose the maximum playback quality settings when watching 360-degree or VR video online, and if you are viewing the file directly on the smartphone – so much more.
  • Through stereoscopic three-dimensional technology (this is when different pictures are generated for the left and right eyes), VR video creates a sense of direct presence in the virtual world: objects in the foreground are perceived as more approximate, others, respectively, look more distant. Nuance, of course, but very significant. However, this is exactly the case when it is better to see once. Moreover, it is necessary to look through the VR-headset, without it the clip is just a flat blurry daub.

VR Video On YouTube

For Android users, eager to watch both VR and full-range video, it’s better to start from YouTube right away. These services support both formats, the viewing mode is optimized for “cardboard” because with the settings everything is just elementary:

  • open a 360- or VR-movie;
  • tap the icon with the image of Cardboard in the lower right corner of the screen;
  • insert the smartphone into the headset;
  • watch.

On the screen, the picture is automatically divided into two almost identical frames. When the smartphone in the VR-headset is at the correct distance from the eyes they merge into one and form that same virtual reality with the effect of being in it and the ability to inspect everything around.

Hope you will get pleasure from participating in such an exciting endeavor. Be decisive, and be among the pioneers. That’s really cool!

Top 10 Popular Porn Requests

If you monitor the articles on porn websites, you will easily find what people search for moreover. Here is the list of top world requests:

  1. Lesbian sex;
  2. Milf – sex with a woman 30+;
  3. Gilf – coupling with a “grandmother”, a really adult woman over 50;
  4. Facesitting;
  5. Philippines (namely women);
  6. Zoophilia;
  7. Anal sex;
  8. Amateur porn;
  9. Blacks;
  10. Extra-large penis.

Read below some explanations & tips.

Expert Say

The popularity of requests for lesbian content in Europe and America shows the priorities emerging in modern society. Sex between girls is still perceived as a video exclusively for men, who believe that this is just “something special.” Ideologically, sex between girls implies glory for feminism and equality, recognition of violent changes in the gender field, as a result of which men face the fact that women can do without them on occasion.

It is a mistake to call this emancipation a sign of masculinity.  Since the growth of this feature in women is observed just while men are in dire need of it. The modern lesbian plot is a fundamentally different order of things, it is a conscious choice and correction of identity.

What Women Want

By the way, PornHub explored the behavior of women visiting similar sites. The results of this study surprised the authors a little. But it was more interesting for them to continue to follow the female sexual preferences.

According to analysts, the top 3 most popular requests that women enter in porn search sites include:

  • “lesbians”;
  • “threesome”;
  • “squirt” (female ejaculation).

Such categories as “massage” and “young ones” have become less in demand – they were pressed out by “dark-skinned”, “cartoons” and “lesbian scissors.”

As for the sections of sites for adults, the eyes of women are primarily focused on the video categories “Lesbians”, “Gays” and “Big penises.” The popularity of the column “For women” has noticeably decreased – from fourth to eighth place. Also, experts noted that girls more often than men look for the slots related to cunnilingus.

Interestingly, the number of female viewers on sex-tubes is constantly growing. The average duration of their stay on the site is 10 minutes and 10 seconds. In general, they spend 48 seconds longer on video services than men. Most often, porn sites are visited by women in the age group from 18 to 24 years old (such as 36%), followed by 25-34-year-olds (28%), and among porn admirers, there are women over 65 years old.

However, we do not recommend you to follow these results. You should have your own tastes and preferences. Be free to express yourself on this subject.

Why Do Men Watch Porn?

It’s not a fact at all that adult films are most often watched by lonely people and only men. People who have a regular partner also watch this movie.

Make Love, Not War

But anyway, what about the male audience? Why? Some experts claim because this is the easiest way to:

  • relax and dream up about sex;
  • release the accumulated both physical and emotional fatigue;
  • improve your sexual life.

Probably you will be surprised in some scientific findings but it turns out that unlike the Arab countries, where the percentage of men suffering from prostate cancer is the lowest, the Western world is vice versa. According to the results of an American study that lasted for more than 30 years, every third man in the United States and Europe complains of problems with potency, and prostate cancer is found in many. In some countries, this diagnosis ranks fourth in the top five leaders of cancer among men over 50 years old.

One of the main reasons for the high level of poor male health among Westerns is very outspoken image and garments of women, some physiologists are convinced. Some ladies that look hot in their clothes do not even suspect what harm is caused to the well-being of the strong half of humanity. After all, a feeling of sexual dissatisfaction is the main culprit in male impotence.

A Poisoning Catwalk

Females in developed countries go virtually half-naked on the streets, and the eastern beauties continue to wrap themselves up in a long robe and cover the face with a veil, explain academicians A man cannot satisfy all the desires he has on the street! And modern hot beauties with explicit boobs and buttons automatically provoke lust in men. So much lust, and so little satisfaction. The inability to reach culmination results in the fact that nature launches a defense mechanism – inflammation of the prostate gland, impotence occurs.

On the contrary, some female partners must watch porn as a remedy. Some women confess that when they replicate everything they have watched in porn movies, it happens to be the best lovemaking in the life of their couple.

So, dear females: give him an opportunity to watch these videos or do this together. Take care on physical strength and health of your beloved partner.  In relations between two individuals, it is very important how you treat each other: love, care, respect, sexual relations. Just be happy!

Pornography and the Ancient Sex Culture: What is Common?

Data of porn sites shows that users are mainly interested in content with the breasts and buttocks. Both are ancient symbols of sexuality and fertility. The erotization of them is signs of traditional culture. In the Paleolithic Venus figurines, the stomach, breasts, a and buttocks formed a single complex volume: the stomach as the middle of the hills serves as a link between the body and the center of the fetus, the two upper hills provide food, and the two lower ones oppose them with ample opportunities for reproduction.

We guess that idea is quite clear. And modern interest in porn is of similar nature, partly sub- subconscious. Let’s consider how it was in the old times and different lands:

  • In monarchical China, the common people were considered recondite ones. Erotic joys, created by the hands of typographers, were accessible only to the privileged class and the educated elite. The explanation is a simple one: any images and books were made of expensive materials and cost a lot. In addition, the content of such publications was thought to be shocking to not educated people. By the way, erotica became censored only when it started being accessible to the masses.

The era of the Khan dynasty is considered the most productive (206 BC – 24 AD). Then, among other things, as many as eight sex guides were created. These manuals and the pornographic engravings they contained (to which an important role was assigned, and even poems were dedicated) did not threaten anybody until the late Middle Ages.

  • What about India and its influence? The first English translation of the Kama Sutra began to be prepared in 1875. But out of the fears of the publishers to go to jail, the issuing was postponed for ten years. Finally, it was published in India. This way the businessmen came up with a defense against fines and sanctions. In fact, in the Soviet Union, Kama Sutra circulated illegally, which the KGB hunted down with inspiration and passion, and only by 1990, the first book was published.
  • The period of Inquisition is questioned by researchers of porn for several reasons. First, it was in the late Middle Ages that a precedent was created that influenced modern jurisprudence. Then, one assumption that the lady is a witch was enough to send her to the fire. So, nowadays, the principle of a fight against pornography differs little from the medieval ones. Everything remains subjective.
  • The second point – the medieval church has developed a massive neurosis. The propaganda of the killing of the flesh, the rejection of fornication, the pursuit of masturbation, oddly enough led to the dominance of professional prostitutes. They were de facto allowed and contact with them was not even considered adultery. Up to the Spanish decree of 1623, there was a mass popping up of brothels, which were not suppressed by the authorities and stopped in the Renaissance.

And nowadays sex culture is flourishing again. Everything repeats and this field is not an exclusion.

Antipornographic Movement – What is It?

In each cultural period, pornography began with texts and pictures out of lust, and each time gradually rose to the level of erotic art. Do you want any examples? Some of them are here:

  • Remember the tales of “A Thousand and One Nights” and famous Persian miniatures;
  • Antiquity preserved for us under volcanic ash the Pompeian frescoes depicting orgies;
  • Middle Ages gave a hundred stories of the Decameron. At the elegant obscenities of the artist Beardsley was created;
  • In the 20th century, Joyce’s Ulysses and Lolita’s Nabokov’s were written.

Incidentally, all these works at one time were tried to ban. In general, the history of pornography comes down to the struggle for classification, for definition, in order not to let pornography into society, but also not to throw out erotic art with water.

So what are modern US anti-pornographic laws? What is the general situation in this field?

  • First of all, in the States, there is a public organization “For morality in the press” which is a pure embodiment of antipornographic movement.
  • According to our data, in the US, a stable consumer market for porn-content is 10 million people as regular customers. However, for the Internet, pornography boundaries seem to not exist.
  • American society accepts the existence of pornography, but certain people do everything possible to prevent it from spreading.
  • The country has not adopted laws persecuting those who disseminate obscene information from abroad. Law enforcement agencies can arrest them only if these people arrive in the United States. Therefore, activists claim about a need to adopt a single law for all countries, pursuing pornography traffickers.
  • What specific laws exist in the United States? There is an acting law on radio and television prohibiting erotic and low-quality programs in terms of sex themes from 6 am to 10 pm. Violators are subject to very heavy fines. The movement supporters hope that the ban will soon be extended to 12 at night.
  • Another strict law prohibits commercial and advertising distribution of porn materials by mail, the transportation of these materials from state to state, the import of such materials and their export. Under this law, a very famous person, Ruben Sterman, the owner of the porn-empire, was arrested and sentenced to prison. The headquarters of his holding company was located in Cleveland. There were warehouses where hot materials and sex-related items were kept behind iron bulletproof gates. A team of first-class lawyers worked for Mr. Sterman and he won several lawsuits, but he kept his major money in Swiss banks without paying taxes. And for this, he received a term of four years in prison.

You may agree that in all democratic countries there are people who support something and claim against it. This is their integral right and so far their methods have been legal, there is nothing bad in their activity.